Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota sad to see the proximity of Shivaasheesh-Jasaleen

Bigg Boss 12

Every day a new drama is seen in Bigg Boss 12

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October 8 was a big bang in the Bigg Boss 12 house

Bigg Boss 12 house is getting a new drama every day. No one can guess when it happens in this house. October 8 was a big bang in the Bigg Boss 12 house. After leaving Anup Jalota’s house, the environment of the house has changed quite a bit – the revenge is visible. On one side Urvashi and Deepak are seen talking that the people of the house have two faces. During this, Deepak asks Urvashi why he was talking to him even after his fight with Saurabh. Upon hearing this question of Deepak, Urvashi gets upset and gets upset with them.

New home captain Surabhi and Rumi talk about the games of the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Anoop Jalota appears in the Secret Room keeping an eye on all the households. Jasleen says to Rumi that she does not understand why Big Boss has not declared him a single so far. Rokey blows them up and says that now anyone can flirt with them. Jasleen and Shivshish are very close to that. Shivashish asks Jasleen if you are single, then Jasleen says yes.

Bigg Boss 12

Seeing this, Anju Jalota says that let’s meet the two good people, to let Jasleen have a heart. Anoop says the heart is child Anoop Jalota remains stunned by the change in the behaviour of Jasleen and his heart breaks.

Big Boss nominates to households for eviction. Big Boss points out that no other member except karanaveer, Neha and Sreesanth will be nominated because these three have chosen themselves for the kaalakotharee.

The tough debate in Surabhi and Karanveer-

Big Boss gave a new task to the housing member. Deepika read and say all about the Task “Thief-Sepoy”. In addition to giving this task to the task member, Big Boss made it clear that the direct effect of this task is to fall on the next captain. During the task, she is accused of using Physical Strength on Karanveer and she gets annoyed. There is also a very strong debate in both of them. Karanveer tries to make himself a favour. Surabhi leaves the task. Deepak and Saurabh get out of the task.

While talking to Neha Sreesanth, he talks about the comments made about him. Sreesanth apologizes to them. Somi and Saba say to Sreesanth that they let them become the captain but they refuse to do so. There is a debate between Sreesanth and Saba. There is a fight between the two.

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Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota sad to see the proximity of shivaasheesh-jasaleen
Hi, guys today here I'm going to share some information about Bigg Boss 12 house for you guy. you find helpful by this article


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