Deepika and Ranveer Wedding | Wedding bells for Deepika and Ranveer

deepika and ranveer

Deepika and Ranveer Wedding | Wedding bells for Deepika and Ranveer

Hi, friend today here I’m going to share the latest news about Deepika and Ranveer wedding for you guys. So that by this “Deepika and Ranveer Wedding | Wedding bells for Deepika and Ranveer” article you can properly learn about this news.

Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone announced their wedding on Twitter on Sunday.

deepika and ranveerThe girl, who first asked Ramesh Babu, ‘the price of a pinch of Vermillion’ on the screen for the first time in 2007, after 11 years, this girl has moved towards a pinch vermilion. The tattoo named RK has left behind and the boy, RS, Ranvir Singh, is now ready to go to the house of Deepika, with the Band Baaja Barat.

Deepika Padukone Marriage Date

The date has been made 14-15 November That is the date when Deepika and Ranveer Singh appeared on the screen for the first time in Ram-Leela. Just five years later, both of these will be held in marriage form on November 14-15 … no, will join. If you have to stay in the marriage, how are you?
For the first time, when these two stars found each other in front of the camera, then the song Ramu Leela was being shot on the song “lahoo munh lag gaya”. Then both of them were unaware that the ‘blood’ on the screen would be painted with ‘Lal Ishq’ even everyday life.

If the heart of the actress breaks, then…

deepika and ranveer
Deepika’s first memory is probably linked to her breakup for younger people. But Deepika’s depression was also hampered in order to escape from sadness.
However, Deepika has never claimed to be responsible for her depression.
Deepika had openly said about this, I got up one morning on 15th February 2014. Emptiness was felt in itself. It seems that there is no direction in front of me. I started crying I was asked why I am like this. The reason is private or professional?
This was the same period when Deepika and Ranvir were coming closer to each other outside the curtains and curtains. Later in the day, Ranbir complimented Deepika for his depression.

Love is forever

Ranveer had said, when I heard Deepika talking about her depression for the first time on TV she had tears in my eyes. It takes great courage to do this. Deepika had won me for a lifetime.
Ranveer has been seen making announcements of his mood for the first time since his early days without a name for the habit.
But without the name of Deepika Yes, there are many such interviews, when a child can also see this and tell them that Ranveer Uncle is referring to the love lamp.
Cinematic stars often miss the media reports less Ranveer told Deepika and herself about the interview in Hindustan Times, When I read these reports, I guess … oh … are creative writings. It was fun to read.
But on many occasions, when Ranveer asks the question that Deepika looks good with Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh almost screams, Obviously I … I …

Deepika-Ranveer Singh’s First Visitation

July 6 Ranveer was the birthday. Ranvir Singh was eating dinner with his family in one of Mumbai’s restaurants.
Deepika also went to this restaurant. When both of them got the sight, Deepika said to Ranveer, Wow, you shift to Mumbai.
At the time of acting on Ranveer’s acting, Bittu Sharma’s ‘Band Baaja Baraat’, which came true, came to such a point that he had forgotten about Ranveer being Bombay Boy. Deepika thought Ranveer was from Delhi.
Deepika Padukone told about the first impression of Ranveer Singh in the Hindustan Times show.
This is the love story of Deepika and Ranveer, who both spoke about each other at different occasions.

Love …  happened

deepika and ranveer
This year, Deepika and Ranveer’s first film was coming on the screen.
Ranvir said in this interview, I love to be in love. This is the best thing in the world. This feeling never happened to me. I will not say anything else. Because I look very good. She is a very sweet girl. I have had a lot of love in life.
Although Ranvir said in the following days – I gave that interview during poor health, I was on medicines.
In this interview Ranvir further said, Look at our Deepika Ji. What is physical appraisal? When it comes to the screen nothing else seems to be seen. I take shirts to get my attention focused. I change the look. Let me put all your energy. But when I look at Deepika, I just keep looking at them.
Ranveer does not name Deepika in this interview, but the truth that the wise did five years ago, proved to be true today.
Deepika and Ranveer choice are different if they leave the common habit of not eating yoghurt. Whether it’s movies or food-drinks.

Final word

So, guys, this is my own information about Deepika and Ranveer wedding, I hope you find our article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all information about Deepika and Ranveer wedding.

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Deepika and Ranveer Wedding | Wedding bells for Deepika and Ranveer
Hi, friend today here I'm going to share the latest news about Deepika and Ranveer wedding. So that by this article you can properly learn about this news.


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