Donald Trump and Kim Jong meet again, US-North Korea Summit date will be announced soon

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Donald Trump and Kim Jong meet again

US Secretary of State Maik Pompio has said that there has been an agreement between him and Chairman Kim regarding the talks between US-North Korea.

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North Korea’s leader Kim Jong has agreed to do the second summit with US President Donald Trump as soon as possible. South Korea shared this information on Sunday. About this, the President’s Office of South Korea said that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the agreement between him and Chairman Kim has been agreed upon between US-North Korea.

Pompeo told South Korea’s President Moon-Jay-Inn that the two sides are fixing a time for the second negotiation. At the same time, there is also discussion about where to place this conversation. After meeting Kim at pyongayong on Sunday, US Secretary of State met the President of South Korea.

After nearly two hours of talks between US Secretary of State Mike Pompey and Kim in Pyongyang, North Korea, Pompey tweeted, The meeting with Pyongyang is on a visit with Chairman, Kim. We are moving forward towards continuous progress based on the consent of the Singapore summit. Thank you for hosting me and my team.

There, Kim Jong-he has also praised the conversation with Pompeo. He said this was a very good day, which promises a good future for both countries.

Let me tell you that in June 2018, the first summit in Singapore between Kim Jong Un and President Trump has been done. This talks attracted attention from the world. In which from nuclear disarmament to many other issues was discussed.

It was also decided in this meeting that if South Korea also has nuclear submarines and weapons, then they will also have to withdraw the US. Explain that Pompeio has already said that the economic restrictions on him will be removed only after showing disarmament from North Korea.

US President Donald Trump said that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong-he have fallen in love with each other. Friendship is deep between them, with ‘beautiful letters’ from North Korea’s leader. In a rally organized in West Virginia in support of a local Republican Party candidate, Trump praised North Korea’s leader on Saturday.

Donald Trump said at the rally, ‘We fell in love-okay?’ Actually. He wrote me a very beautiful letter which is very good. we fell in love.’ Trump said that on Wednesday, he got an ‘extraordinary letter’ from Kim and in this he hoped for a meeting soon between the two leaders.

In the United Nations General Assembly meeting on Monday, Trump praised the North Korean leader. The United Nations and many other countries, Kim Jong- have been blaming them for human rights violations at a large level. Trump had threatened to completely ‘ruin’ North Korea on this forum a year ago.

Please tell that Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump had met in Singapore this year. It was the first meeting between the two countries. There was no peace agreement ever before between the two countries. Since the meeting of Trump-theirs, North Korea’s relations with America have also been better with South Korea.

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Donald Trump and Kim Jong meet again, US-North Korea Summit date will be announced soon
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