Getting 10 to 15 thousand savings from getting car insurance policy online, know how

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Getting a car insurance policy online

Hi, guys if you Don’t know about how to buy an insurance policy for your car, and you are searching for why insurance policy rate too high, then you are the right place.

Today here I’m going to share some information about how to buy an insurance policy for you guys. So that by this “Getting a car insurance policy online” article you can properly learn about this problem, and I can beat with you never get all these information about the high rate of insurance policy causes on the internet.

Some information about how to buy an insurance policy for car

If you do insurance the sedan car from the dealer, then you have to pay up to Rs 35,000. But if you do the same car insurance policy online, then you have to pay only Rs 26,000 for this.

ar purchase is an important decision, and for all buyers, this is a milestone in their lives. Many customers research fully before purchasing a car which meets all the needs and costs too low. Apart from this, customers also find dealers who are giving a maximum discount with freebies on their favourite models. When it comes to the insurance of the car, customers do not have the same level of enthusiasm and ultimately the customer purchases the insurance which is expensive and does not even conform to its needs.

Tarun Mathur, the chief business officer (General Insurance) of the, says that this is because the fact is that there has been a change in the insurance scenario and the customers buy insurance according to their needs, but this is the case with car insurance Not right for. Because it does not buy on the customer’s dealership, it is sold only with the car. Therefore, while buying a car, he should also pay attention to his insurance options.

insurance policy

Mathur explains, The car can also be bought on insurance dealerships and can be purchased online too. But people like to buy cars as well as dealership because it is hassle-free, although this is a bit true. But you should know that if you buy an insurance policy on the dealership, you pay more for it, in many cases, it is more than Rs 5,000 to Rs 35,000, which is the cost of the car.

He said, For example, the dealer charges a mid-sized sedan car which is the 1.6-liter engine and charges up to Rs 35,000 for the insurance policy. However, when you search online, you can get the same car insurance for about Rs 26,000 If you pay a 2.2-liter engine SUV on the insurance policy dealership, then you will get 60,000 to 70,000 rupees, while online insurance policy can get you Rs 45,000.

Many dealers encourage you to buy insurance from them. They say that if you do not buy insurance from them then you will not get a cashless garage or they say that the cost of the car itself is included in the amount and it is being given free with the car. While this is true Not there.

Indian Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRDA) has made rules in this regard and no dealer can refuse to give you cashless facility if your insured has compromised this in this regard. Even the car’s warranty is also done by the insurance company and the dealer has no role in what the cover will cover or what will not be covered.

Mathur said, It has been seen at times that the need for an add-on package, without the need for getting an insurance policy from the dealership, is given to the customers, whereas their needs and experimentation are different. For example, if a person does not live in a flood-affected/potential area then he does not need to take the engine protector add-on in insurance. Similarly, the cost of lock replacement is included in insurance, while many customers will also not want to cover it. This type of option is not available to dealers on the dealership.

He said, When you are driving your own or your family members, there is no need to get involved in the paid driver’s legal liability cover insurance, in this manner if you or your family member has sufficient Personal Accident Insurance policy There is a life insurance policy with accidental inability, so there is no need to take un-named passenger cover with car policy.

Before buying car insurance from a car dealer, you should pay attention to another important factor that the dealer will not give you the benefit of a ‘no claim bonus’ (NCB), which the insurer gives a discount on the sum assured if the claim is not taken. If you do not take the claim for five consecutive years, this discount gets up to 50 per cent.

You have the only option to buy a car that you buy from a dealer, but you have many options to buy car insurance, so before you buy it you should do enough research. Which insurance should you take, which company has a better offer? This will allow you to buy the right insurance at a lower cost.

In such a case, the question arises that after purchasing a new car, till the car does not come to you, how to get insurance before that. This is a difficult question for those who buy insurance for the first time, while the reality is that its process is quite easy. All you have to do is take the information of the engine, chassis number, purchase date and RTO from your dealer. So much detail is enough to take an insurance policy. Once you purchase insurance, you can give details to the car dealer, after which he will register your car in the RTO.

When purchasing a car, be sure to check insurance options online and save as much as possible. Even if you are purchasing insurance in a traditional way, you should definitely search online once, so that you know what the right price of insurance should be. Plus you will be able to remove many non-essential add-ons and save money.

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Getting 10 to 15 thousand savings from getting car insurance policy online, know how
Hi, guys if you Don't know about how to buy an insurance policy for your car, then you are the right place. know how this happens.


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