Know how started Controversy related to Tanushree Dutta, when did she say?


Know how started Controversy related to Tanushree Dutta, when did she say?


Tanushree Dutta was told four days earlier in an interview given to News 18 India. Since then the sensation spread throughout Bollywood.

Tanushree Dutta, the bold actress of his time, is again in the discussion these days. This time, because of their troubles In a special interview given to News 18, Tanushree Dutta mentioned a ten-year-old incident which has created a sensation in Bollywood. Know when it happened.

On September 24 Tanushree Dutta shared her personal experience while talking about the #MeToo movement in a special conversation with News 18.

They said – People ask why there is no movement like #MeToo in India? While this movement was first introduced in India. In 2008, when I raised my voice about the harassment I faced, that was when it started, but no one gave me support. Tanu said that in such a way, such a movement would never start in India. He even said that unless I get justice, no #MeToo movement will come in India.

He told that ten years ago, Nana Patekar tried to touch her wrongly on the set of horn okay in the year 2008. Forced to do intimate scenes with them. When refused, the political party threatened and tried to frighten.

Tanu told News 18 that when he told the director and producer of the film about all these things being done with him, he did not even accompany him. Forcing them to leave the movie.

Not only that, but Tanu also said in this conversation that because of what happened to him at that time, he did not have the courage to go back to the set of any film, but there is nothing on this issue in the entire industry. spoke.

Ganesh Acharya, who worked as a choreographer in a horn okay after Tanushree’s disclosure, broke the silence saying that Tanushree’s allegations are wrong. Nana Ji cannot do anything like this After this, the reaction of all Bollywood stars to each other came out on this issue.

Nana Patekar’s reaction came two or three days after Tanushree’s statement came. On September 27, Nana rejected the allegations made by Tanushree Dutta. They said, “We were on the set and at that time 200 people were sitting in front of us. What can I say?” Meanwhile, Nana had also spoken of taking legal action on Tanushree.

In this whole case, on 28th September, she appeared in the support of Twinkle Khanna Tanushree, wife of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. He shared the full thread of the reporter’s Tweets that went to cover the sets of Hork OK, please. In which it was clearly written that what happened with Tanushree at that time.

After Twinkle, Priyanka Chopra, Parineeti Chopra, Richa Chadha, and Swara Bhaskar also appeared in support of Tanu. Now the news is that Nana Patekar’s counsel has sent a legal notice to Tanushree, and according to Tanushree’s grandson’s advocate, he is getting constant legal threats.


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