‘Only men are responsible for unwanted pregnancy?’ | Contraception

unwanted pregnancy

‘Only men are responsible for an unwanted pregnancy?’ | Contraception

unwanted pregnancy

At this time there has been debate over unwanted pregnancy, contraception and the rights of women all over the world. Recently Ireland has been a witness to it. Discussions about “rights of fetal life” are also being discussed in India.

In the meanwhile, a blogger from the US has written something about twins on unwanted pregnancy and abortion that is becoming viral on social media.



Gabelier wrote on Twitter:

I am a mother of six children and a follower of the Mormon cult of Christianity. I know about abortion, religion and related matters. I am listening to men’s argument about the reproductive rights of women and I have agreed that there is little interest in men’s abortion. I tell you why-

  • If you want to stop the abortion and unwanted pregnancy, you have to stop the unborn pregnancy and the men are 100% responsible for the unwanted pregnancy. Yes, that’s really. You might have felt that there is a need for two people for pregnancy. Yes, two people are needed, but for a planned pregnancy, not for unwanted pregnancy.
  • Every unnecessary pregnancy is due to this because men are ‘ejaculate’ in an irresponsible manner. You do not believe? I explain. Only two days of the month are such that women can remain pregnant and that too by the fixed age.
  • It is certain that the quality of men’s sperm becomes weak with age. In spite of this, men can perform unwanted pregnancy before they die from adolescence and before they die.
  • That is, there are only 24 days in a year when the woman can become pregnant. But men can pregnant 365 days of pregnancy. Even if you are a man who ‘ejaculate’ many times a day, many of you can go to pregnant women every day.
  • Theoretically, a man can execute more than 1000  unwanted pregnancy in a year. So if you understand basic biology and calendar, then you will understand that there are men behind the unwanted pregnancy.
  • But now you will ask what is the contraceptive? If a woman wants to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, then why should she be responsible for using contraceptives only? The modern contraceptive is probably the best invention of the last century and I am thankful for it.
  • Although it is also cruel. Many women have side-effects with these dangerous side effects. But despite such side effects, women are ready to use contraceptives. However, this is not so easy. For the use of contraceptives, you have to consult a doctor. Generally, they are neither free nor cheap.
  • In addition, contraceptive pills have to be used daily. Without forgetting and making no mistake. In short, it is difficult to use contraceptives for women. On the contrary, the use of condoms, which is very easy for men, is quite easy. Condoms are easily found in any store and there is no need for a doctor’s advice for this. Women love it if men use condoms. It can also be avoided by sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Nevertheless, men do not want to use condoms. Not only this, they often put pressure on women to do sex without condoms.
  • Now come on the question that why men run away so much from the use of condoms. Probably because this makes the sex enjoyment a little less. It is not that the condom does make a big difference. If you look at the scale of 1 to 10 then it can be reduced from 10 to 7 or 8. Just not less than that. But in spite of this, men only put some women’s health, relationships and careers in jeopardy for just a few seconds of pleasure.
One more important thing. Do you know that men can not be pregnant without pregnancy? But it is important for her to feel the organism, not the woman. He can make a pregnant woman without feeling pregnant. That is, if a woman is pregnant then it is not necessary at all that she has enjoyed organism.



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'Only men are responsible for unwanted pregnancy?' | Contraception
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'Only men are responsible for unwanted pregnancy?' | Contraception
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